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You have a question or something to talk about concerning one of our products or deliveries? The following form helps you to get in touch with us personally.

Return shipment

You would like to return not needed or wrongly ordered products against credit? Please take notice of the return policies and fill in below form in full. This way, you enable us to check your request immediately.


Furthermore you will receive a confirmation email once sending in your request.


Please await for the final approval before returning any items. Otherwise shipments may not be matched correctly. Thanks a lot for your patience and support.

  • We kindly allow us to remind that the return possibility of items sold within the B2B environment is neither mandatory nor standard.
  • Returned shipments without our approval and this filled out form will be disposed after two weeks.
  • Shipments received more than four weeks ago are not allowed for any return at all.
  • Polluted or defected/used items are not admitted for any return in general. Same is true for ropes and wires, system plates and custom made items.
  • In case of any quality control being necessary, we allow ourselves to charge by the effort.
  • Standard procedure claims for an insourcing fee of 50% of your purchasing prices.

  • Once receiving the approval on your return shipment by email, please always include the corresponding confirmation attached to this email to any of your return shipments.
  • Please ensure a proper packaging of your return shipments (e.g. with considerable stuffing, etc.)

Claim on product and/or shipment

As for the handling of claims on products and/or shipments we may need a full overview on those information requested below, both focusing on the product and the shipment.

Furthermore, in order to get in touch with you easily, we also would like to ask for your contact details including phone number and email address.


Please fill in below form as accurate and precise as possible. By clicking on the button “send to ABS Safety” you will forward all of these information to us.

Compliments & Criticism

At ABS Safety many people work hand in hand on a daily basis – just for you and to take care of all your requests.


Whether talking about any consultation or about the pure organization of those many orders and deliveries – the main objective is always to accomplish a trustworthy and thoughtful as well as fair cooperation.

This is what we care about by much making your experiences with the ABS Safety services and product qualities truly one-of-a-kind.


Nevertheless, has there been anything raising your suspicion?

Is there something your are not happy with?


Please let us know, we are really interested. Your feedback allows for a continuous process of improvement.


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Additional items can be added by clicking on the “+”.

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